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Parking Lot Delivery

GotDelivered offers parking lot marketing to different parts of the United States.  We will deliver your message to the front windshield of cars in parking lots in shopping centers, malls, public streets and more. 

This is a great way to taking your campaign to the streets and getting your message to your potential customers.

Our street teams can wear your branded t-shirts, coats and hats during the delivery. This is a great way to create record numbers to your next event or promotion.

Our street teams will also be using GPS tracking devices that you will be able to monitor which shopping centers and parking lots they are at to the minute.
We will also be provide Photo Verification of the delivery to vehicles in the parking lots.

This marketing techinque is great for fitness centers, gyms, tax return companies, personal trainers, grand openings, nail salons, night clubs, restaurants, bars and much more...Contact us today to get our street team to your area to deliver your campaign!

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