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Construction and Home Improvement

California Flyer Delivery

Construction and home improvement is more than just building houses and renovations. Today many general contractors also do remodeling, demolition, furniture construction, and much more. If you would like to increase business in your construction or home improvement company, direct door-to-door marketing is the solution you have been searching for. Door-to-door distribution actually works! By reaching potential clients at their front door, you are able to target who you want, based on the type of home, age, and even income level of the occupants. Direct marketing is inexpensive and efficient - there is a higher statistical probability that your advertising material will not end up in the garbage. Before you get started, there are a few things to consider:  

1) Think Before You Act: A carefully planned campaign is likely to be more effective than one which was “thrown together” at the last minute. Be sure to give yourself sufficient time to plan your marketing campaign.

2) Follow the “Sales Cycle”: In most markets, businesses’ profits go through a type of “sales cycle”, and home improvement and construction companies are no exception. This simply means that at specific times of the year, products or services are in higher demand. It is a good idea to start up your marketing campaign just before your profits are at their highest. If you are unsure when this might be, it is a good idea to do some market research on similar businesses.  

3) Target the Right People: You wouldn’t try selling an Eskimo ice, so it should make sense that you do not target people who cannot afford your products or services. Complete some market research before you get started. This will cut down costs for printing and delivering materials to people who probably will not call your business about the services you are offering. Through door-to-door marketing you are able to receive an almost immediate response. Within a few weeks you should begin to feel the impact of your distribution campaign. Save your time and hard earned money by starting a targeted door-to-door distribution campaign today!

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