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Going Green

Nationwide Flyer Distribution

More than ever before, people are concerned about their impact on the planet, creating an ever growing market which promotes sustainable living. With the current market growth, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get noticed in a sea of green businesses. Although it may not be as simple as before, you can get your green business noticed with the right marketing strategies. Consider a time tested marketing strategy, a door-to-door distribution campaign.

Whether you are a solar power provider, or a recycling business, door-to-door marketing offers sustainable businesses the opportunity to implement green strategies in their advertising campaigns. Through implementing such a campaign you can save money, enhance your public image, and protect the environment. Although it may seem contradictory to print and deliver advertising material, it is more eco-friendly than many people think because:  

• You are able to print your advertisement materials on recycled paper, using soy based ink
• Through reaching the front door of potential clients you have a higher statistical probability that your advertisement material will not end up in the garbage
• Distribution is done on foot, cutting down the emission of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere
The trend of “going green” is here to stay, so what are you waiting for? Save money, enhance your public image, and protect the environment by starting a green door-to-door distribution campaign today.

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