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Hand to Hand Delivery

Parking lot flyer delivery

GotDelivered offers hand to hand distribution to different locations across the United States. Hand to Hand distribution is a great way to take your message to the streets.

Whether it's literately getting your flyers or product samples into people's hands by passing it out to passersby, using our professional street teams.


Our street teams can become an extension of your company, by wearing your branded t-shirts, coats or hats. They can learn information about your company, so they can answer questions that might be asked while delivering your campaign to your targeted market.

Our street teams distribution would also be GPS tracked and Digital Photos will be taken to verify that your campaign was done. Video of the distribution can also be provided if requested at additional cost.

Our street teams can collect information from interested parties and send these over to you in a report at the end of the campaign. Hand to Hand distribution is a powerful trend in advertising puts your message directly into the hands of your customers, and can can deliver record numbers to your next event or promotion.

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