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Business to Business Delivery


Door hangers have steadily become more and more popular with small-business owners, and today are used by many businesses as one of their most successful and fruitful business promotion methods. What is great about door hangers is that they are small and unobtrusive but at the same time much more noticeable than something like, say, mail which usually gets piled up and left somewhere unread or thrown in the garbage. Cheap to produce, print and distribute, door hangers are a great way to advertise your small business to your audience.

GotDelivered can deliver your flyers to small to large  business owners in any part of the country.  Business to Business is very effective because we deliver it to the FRONT Counter during business hours, so it does not lost in the junk business mail.

This is very effective marketing for insurance brokers, merchant systems, health insurance companies and many other business to business products.

On the business to business deliveries, we will also have our GPS tracking available for the entire delivery. You will be able to zoom in on the GPS tracking website to see our delivery personal at shopping centers and business centers. Our delivery personnel will also grab a business card at the location if available.

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