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Health and Medical Marketing

San Diego Flyer Delivery

When it comes to healthcare products and services, people would like the very best. Whether your business is an urgent care, dental office, medical practice, hospital, pharmacy, or pharmaceutical and clinical company, direct door-to-door marketing is the solution to your marketing needs. Along with millions of other businesses, medical companies have been utilizing direct marketing strategies for for many years to increase business because it actually works.  This time tested marketing technique is an effective tool, but before you kick-start your campaign there are a few things to think about:

1) Product or Service: What type of product or service are you offering? Although it may seem like a no-brainer, you need to tailor your advertising material toward what you are offering, For example:

  • Dental office = big, beautiful smile
  • Paediatrician = happy children

  Pharmacy = bottles of medicine

2) Audience: The product or service you are offering is important when considering who to reach. Pediatricians are going to want to reach home with children, etc. Demographic research is incredibly helpful, and should be utilized if you would like to reach a specific audience. 

3) Format or Design: Print media comes in various shapes and sizes, and you are not limited when it comes to design either. Whatever size and style of material you utilize, keep it consistent. When you use a uniform color scheme or logo in all of your marketing campaign, you have a greater chance that your "branding" will get noticed.

4) Timing: As with any type of product or service, there are specific times of year which may cause your media to be more effective. Many businesses do this without even thinking - consider this: Have you ever seen advertising for flu shots in Summer? Timing is incredibly important when implementing any type of marketing campaign, so make sure that you consider it before you start.

If your health or medical business would like to be noticed, choose door-to-door distribution, and watch your profits grow as you attract patients, customers, and cases while you build your brand and reputation.

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